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  While Cyrano's commercial focus has been in the civilian sector, we have recently directed this technology and these products to security and defense applications. Recent test results with the Cyranose® 320 demonstrate the ability of the sensors to detect chemical agents at concentrations similar to those required by the JCAD (Joint Chemical Agent Detector).

Chemical Detection

Independent live CWA testing has demonstrated detection limits of GA,GB, and HN3 comparable to the performance specification for JCAD (Joint Chemical Agent Detector) currently under development. Additional testing by the U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center showed the C320 correctly discriminated GB, GD, VX, HD, Malathion and DMMP. Testing at US Naval Research Laboratory showed that Cyrano's technology is effective in measuring filter breakthrough. Explosive detection testing by California Institute of Technology and DARPA showed detection capabilities for DNT and TNT. Limited biological agent testing was performed. Testing demonstrated that the core C320 sensor technology can detect the presence of a biological agent in a growth media. Additional biological testing is required to evaluate the Cyranose® 320's capability to detect biological agents or their dispersal media or production by-products.


Our technology can provide significant value in chemical detection and avoidance as the sensor technology is low cost, portable and rapid. In addition, Chemiresistor technology is inherently versatile and immune to degradation in performance for different operational applications. In addition to the Cyranose ® 320 handheld detector that is commercially available today, Cyrano has developed a low-cost nose chip that can be adapted for monitoring filter breakthrough, personnel badge detectors, imbedded suit hermiticity sensors and other applications. Additionally, in conjunction with IBM, we have integrated a wireless capability with the nose chip as the core technology component for networked mobile and fixed-site detection and warning systems for military bases, facilities and battlefield areas.
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