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  The NoseChipTM family of products represents component-level applications of Cyrano Sciences' sensing technology. These products are designed to be either stand-alone sensing devices or integrated into systems produced by others where low cost, low power, lightweight sensing is required. Based on the inherent low cost of the sensing technology, the company is uniquely positioned to enable applications where these attributes are critical. The NoseChipTM products currently under development include: ChemAlertTM and ChemBioAlertTM.

The NoseChipTM products are made to order in volume. Please contact us to discuss your application requirements, volumes and pricing.

ChemAlertTM (Under Development)

ChemAlertTM is a low cost chemical sensor with optional short-range wireless capability (<300 feet), intended to provide chemical detectors across a number of applications.


Key applications under development are:

  • Sensing nodes for facilities protection
  • Personal badge detectors for toxic industrial chemicals and chemical warfare agents
  • Residual life indication
  • Leak detectors in military or commercial systems
  • Quality monitors in embedded systems
  • ChemAlertTM allows multiple chemical sensors to be deployed economically in order to achieve low cost, highly effective facility monitoring. Equipped with proprietary event detection software that reduces false alarms while maintaining required sensitivity, ChemAlertTM is also configured to tie directly to a physical or electronic response in parallel to an alarm.

    ChemBioAlertTM (Under Development)

    ChemBioAlertTM will be an integrated device that enables detection, discrimination, alarm, and notification of airborne chemical and biological threats facing military and civilian first responder personnel. This product will leverage Cyrano's ChemAlertTM platform in the biological detection area. It will be designed for integration into individual or area monitoring applications.

NoseChipTM Specifications
  Sensor Type   Polymer Composite
  SNR   2000:1 (Detection of DR/R < 500 ppm)
  Number of Independent Channels   16
  Polymer Composite Resistance Range   2-20 K-Ohms
  Embedded Algorithms   Event Detection, Real Time Pattern Recognition,
  Temperature Correction
  Memory Requirements   Support 100 min, SmellPrintsTM
  Real Time Clock   +/- 0.01 Seconds (accuracy)
  Sampling Times   30 seconds to 5 minutes
  Battery Type   Lithium
  Battery Size   CR1632 Coin
  Analog Inputs & Outputs   Contact Closures
  RF Distance   300 Feet
  RF Messaging   Encoded
  Size   < 5 cm3
  Operating Temperature Range   -10 to 40C
  Storage Temperature Range   -20 to 85C

The NoseChipTM products are made to order in volume. Please contact us to discuss your application requirements, volumes and pricing.