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  Most changes in chemical processes can be reflected in the changing composition of the vapor phase surrounding or contained within the process. Thus, the vapor phase sensors provided by Cyrano enable the quick assessment of the chemical status of most industrial processes. Examples are found across many sectors including food (coffee roasting and fermentation), petrochemical (plastics manufacture and gasoline blending) and consumer products (detergents and deodorants).

Much like vision inspection is used to asssess the visual integrity (color, shape, size) of products, olfactory inspection assesses the chemical integrity (consistency, presence of contaminants).

The digitized vapor patterns of samples can be instantly electronically transmitted, allowing data to be viewed and compared to ensure that the same process is being run correctly in two or more plant locations. In the future Cyrano's customers will be able to stream data directly over the Internet into an XML database that will analyze and interpret the information and provide rapid responses for quick, reliable decision-making.

Application Notes

  1. Quality Control Screening of Plastic Pellets
  2. Rapid Screening of Contaminated Water Bottles
  3. Is the right spirit going in the right bottle?

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