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Welcome to the Science Forum! This section of the Cyrano Sciences web site is dedicated to describing the science of sensing smell, both biologically and electronically.

  • Biological Smell
    This section describes how a human being senses smell. Comparing the functions of the electronic nose with biological smelling system, it is easy to see the parallels and understand why the term electronic nose came into being.

  • Digital Smell
    Here you will find more detailed information about how our electronic nose technology works, including a tour of our Cyranose® 320 hand held device, an explanation of the sensor technology, and the on-board signal processing.

  • Ask the Experts
    This is an open forum for you to discuss electronic noses, sensory analysis, sampling, parameters, and emerging technologies with the experts at Cyrano Sciences and around the globe.

  • Links
    To help you navigate the extensive world-wide web of information, we have compiled a library of useful references including our affiliations, partners, and even competitors. Please feel free to suggest web sites for us to include.