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  By combining the NoseChipTM family of products with our proprietary intelligent sensor networks Cyrano is able to provide distributed monitoring systems.

Key applications include:

  • Facilities Protection
  • Leak detectors in military or commercial systems
  • Systems currently under development at Cyrano include facilities protection for large public events, and private systems for leak detection in an industrial setting.


Facilities Protection

Uses multiple chemical sensor nodes communicating wirelessly to a command post (mobile or fixed). The sensor nodes are configured to alarm on exposure to predetermined hazards: for example, chemical warfare agents or toxic industrial chemicals. The alarm is immediately transmitted to the command post and appropriate action can be taken.

Because chemical concentration drops rapidly with distance, low cost sensing is critical to allow cost effective installation of multiple sensing points in a given environment. Cyrano's NoseChipsTM allow multiple chemical sensors to be deployed economically in order to achieve low cost, highly effective facility protection.

Leak Detection

Polymer Composite Sensors, unique to Cyrano, are low cost, low power and sensitive to hydrocarbons. Networked into your industrial plant these sensors rapidly detect leaks. Furthermore the system is capable of expansion to aggregate and interpret data from other sensors: temperature, pressure, fixed gas sensors and applying proprietary algorithms through which any anomaly can be detected.

System Specifications
  Non-specific sensor array to detect and identify military and industrial chemical agents
  Polymer composite sensors which are stable in the presence of moisture and vibration
  Operates in RH 0-99%, non-condensing
  Operates in temperatures -46 to 70C
  Low power: < 200mW peak power, < 10mW average power
  Can be battery powered with > 2 year battery life
  Passive and requires no user-interaction or user-attention during field- use
  Multiple alarm and interface methods
  Designed for high volume, low cost manufacturing


Currently this product is a codevelopment, custom made product. Please contact us to discuss your application requirements, volumes and pricing.