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  In the food and beverage industries, product quality issues demand a reliable and objective tool that can characterize vapors and ensure food quality. The Cyranose® 320 is that tool. It is ideally suited for both spot testing or continual monitoring of batch-to-batch consistency and spoilage in the raw materials food companies grow, prepare, and distribute. Some applications include, for example, testing the batch-to-batch consistency of spices, verifying premium brands, and testing flavor additives, among others.

Cyrano Sciences also envisions using its Nose-ChipsTM in disposable packaging, which would provide an objectivity currently absent in techniques to monitor spoilage and freshness. Nose-ChipsTM could potentially minimize the risk of food poisoning or the ingestion of spoiled food by being integrated with household appliances, such as refrigerators and microwave ovens.

Application Notes

  1. Quality Screening for Fresh and Old Dried Basil Leaves
  2. Identification of Malabar or Vietnamese Pepper
  3. Identification of Incoming Raw Materials: Lemon and Lime

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